Book reviews on awesome books!

Harry Potter

This is an awesome series! If you haven’t read this series then imperio! Go read this awesome series by JK Rowling! Harry Potter is about a boy who’s parents died. Then Harry finds out that he is a wizard. But not a normal wizard, the wizard who destroyed Lord Voldemort an evil wizard. This series is about how Harry discovers his destiny to defeat Lord Voldemort a second time and discover the story of his parents. I would rate this book 1 million stars! It’s a superb series! I highly recommend this 7 book series! – Katie



Out Of My Mind

Out Of My Mind by Sharon M Draper is a superb book! I loved it! My mom was the one who recommended it to me. It’s about this girl named Melanie who’s never spoke or walked and is 11 years old. She is the smartest person in the school but nobody knows because Melanie can’t tell them. But everything changes when Melanie gets a communication device so that when she types something into the device it says it aloud. This is a really good book for all ages! If you choose to read this I hope you like it!

Ok, here’s the story. I wasn’t exactly aloud to read this awesome series The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins but, one night my family was camping and I got bored so I picked up my aunt’s kindle and started reading The Hunger Games and by the time my mom noticed I was 80% done with the book so she was out of luck because no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get me to put down that book so sneaky little Katie got away with reading The Hunger Games!😈 So, The Hunger Games is about Katniss a girl who volunteers to take her sister’s place in the deadly hunger games. Katniss must fight to death and win the hunger games to fulfill her promise to her sister Prim
who’s back in district 12. In the hunger games Katniss fights alongside Peeta Mellark. When they are the last two standing in the hunger games they perform a stunt that gets them both out alive. But the president of their country is angry and a big war begins. They have to fight the war and win the 12 district’s freedom from the evil Capitol.